Heavy Weight (3D)


Playing around in the new release of VrayForC4D. Modelled some weights and had some fun with materials, lighting and Photoshop.

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Taxi Driver (3D/CGI)


A NY taxi that I created for the cover image for a popular swedish TV-show called ”Welcome to Sweden”. The photos were shot by photographer Linus Hallsenius and I camera matched the cab with his photos and rendered and postworked the car for the final comp. Used Vray for rendering.

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Land Rover (3D/CGI)


Car workshop. I’ve done most of the CGI work in this image, from matching the 3D car with the photo, creating shaders, lighting and rendering using Maxwell Render. I modelled the kayak on the roof, reshaped the tires in Zbrush and retopologized and added lots of details on the car. I also took care of the final retouch of the image.

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Interior Design (3D)

Interior test modelled in Cinema 4D. I created all furnitures, textures and Vray-shaders + final render and some post.

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”Tjernobyl Easter Chicken”

Concept/wip. Had plans to create some ”Factory Easter environment” for this poor chicken, but Easter came quickly and I wasn’t finished with this, so I just had to let it go… I modelled a base mesh in Cinema 4D and sculpted the details and painted the texture maps in Zbrush 4. This is a quick render in Cinema 4D using low AA-settings.

/ tennet

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