Chocolate praline (3D/CGI)


Personal evening project, just lying on the sofa with my MacBook.. Found some inspirational candy images that I wanted to try out.. this is what I came up with within a couple of hours playing around in Cinema 4D. It’s not perfect yet, but I have some pretty candy plans for the future, so I’m happy with this result as a start. (mer…)

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Longing for summer! (3D/CGI)

I was just recently working a lot with ice creams in a project at work and this inspired me to continue playing with ice cream at home. I created the base mesh from scratch in an hour or two and I then continued adding more details to it using both Zbrush and in Cinema 4D.

The ice cream cone or waffle was created in Zbrush using some custom alphas that I created on the run and the actual ice cream was sculpted very freely using the clay brush. I added Subsurface Scattering to the ice cream shader to get the milky, translucent feel and everything was then rendered in Multipasses using Maxon Advanced Render. The background was created in Photoshop in post.

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Long time no see (3D)

Bowl and Spoon

Finally I got some time off for personal projects again. I’ve just installed Cinema R13 Studio, which just has been released, and it’s filled with new features.

For this image I wanted to try a photographic lighting setup and render it using Cinema 4D’s Advanced Render. I started off by using a photo reference that I liked for inspiration. The bowl and spoon was first modelled and UV’d in Cinema R13. I then created some grunge textures and reflection maps in Photoshop for the table, bowl and spoon.

Back in Cinema again I started to experiment with lighting and the new ’Physical renderer’. It renders really nice, but I wanted this image as a 30×30 cm print, so I chose to use the old Global Illumination instead. It was much faster… probably because I haven’t had time to experiment with all the new settings though.

I rendered everything as Multipasses so that I could put the image together in Photoshop CS5, where I also added some torned edges, for the old look… My first ”draft” was done during a one late night, but I then continued tweaking the image for a couple of nights more. This is what I came up with.

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Lollipop in Cinema 4D (2008)

I found this lollipop in my ”archives”. It’s modelled and rendered with Cinema 4D in early 2008.

/ tennet

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