Long time no see (3D)

Bowl and Spoon

Finally I got some time off for personal projects again. I’ve just installed Cinema R13 Studio, which just has been released, and it’s filled with new features.

For this image I wanted to try a photographic lighting setup and render it using Cinema 4D’s Advanced Render. I started off by using a photo reference that I liked for inspiration. The bowl and spoon was first modelled and UV’d in Cinema R13. I then created some grunge textures and reflection maps in Photoshop for the table, bowl and spoon.

Back in Cinema again I started to experiment with lighting and the new ’Physical renderer’. It renders really nice, but I wanted this image as a 30×30 cm print, so I chose to use the old Global Illumination instead. It was much faster… probably because I haven’t had time to experiment with all the new settings though.

I rendered everything as Multipasses so that I could put the image together in Photoshop CS5, where I also added some torned edges, for the old look… My first ”draft” was done during a one late night, but I then continued tweaking the image for a couple of nights more. This is what I came up with.

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