Nude lady bust (ZBrush/wip)

OK, from interior design to naked women… Hmm… in fact, I was searching for inspiration images for my interior design project when I found one image that had a cool statue in the room. So, I figured – Ah, that’s it, I need a statue!

So… I sculpted this lady bust this weekend. It started off as a free sculpting session. I had no special design in my mind, I used some different photo references for the ears and the face, just for the overall look. The proportions are deliberately off, but I tried to maintain a somewhat realistic anatomy and body structure.

I also did a full retopo of the bust when I was done, using ZBrush’s built-in tools for that. This gave me a much better mesh to work with when laying out UVs for textures. I have polypainted her, but will save that for the final render.

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