ForsHaken animation demo (wip)

Work in progress. This tool is invented by my father in law and I am helping him with a demo for his marketing material. Modelled and animated in C4D, rendered using Vray and some post in After Effects. I animated everything manually, frame by frame, no rigs were used. There are still some fixes that needs to be done, but I just wanted to show what I am up to right now.

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Just a rope (Cinema 4D/ReeperX)

I made this using Cinema 4D with a plugin called ReeperX. I made some tests before figuring out how to make all splines twist the way I wanted them to. When the mesh was finished I used a Spline Wrap deformer to give the rope some wavy shape. I also added some short Hair before I rendered it using Advanced Render 3 and GI.

Programs used: Cinema 4D R12 / Photoshop

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