Burberry perfumes (3D)

Burberry Baby Touch-100mlBurberry Baby Touch-100ml-Wires

Product visualization for a client. This render and postwork was created for my personal portfolio.

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Heavy Weight (3D)


Playing around in the new release of VrayForC4D. Modelled some weights and had some fun with materials, lighting and Photoshop.

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Evan Williams Product Visualization (3D/CGI)


I’m a Beta tester for Lightmap HDR Light Studio for Cinema 4D and this image was created during a lighting workshop I had the other night. I modeled and rendered everything in C4D, including the water effects.

It was never planned to become a final visual, that’s why the bottle is empty and the actual model isn’t really a Evan Williams bottle. Made some postwork in Photoshop to add some aging look to the image.


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Absolut Still Life (3D/CGI)

Still Life bottles

Modelled and rendered using Cinema 4D and Vray. Just some small edits made in Photoshop, mainly color corrections.

ABSOLUT_STILL Still Life bottles wireframe

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ForsHaken animation demo (wip)

Work in progress. This tool is invented by my father in law and I am helping him with a demo for his marketing material. Modelled and animated in C4D, rendered using Vray and some post in After Effects. I animated everything manually, frame by frame, no rigs were used. There are still some fixes that needs to be done, but I just wanted to show what I am up to right now.

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BABYBJÖRN baby carrier (3D/ZBrush/Cinema 4D)

Product visualisation of the swedish baby carrier BABYBJÖRN. I modelled and sculpted everything in Cinema 4D and ZBrush. All renders are done in Cinema 4D using Advanced Render. (from spring 2012)

Wireframe basemesh and final sculpted version (below).

Sketches made for modelling references.

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Schampoo splash (3D/CGI)

This is a personal project from 2009, inspired by an image I made for a client back then. I modelled the bottle in Cinema 4D and the water was simulated and meshed in Realflow 4 and then imported into Cinema 4D for final rendering. All labels were scanned and prepared as texture maps in Photoshop. The scene is lit with CG lights and rendered using Maxon’s Advanced Render.

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”Knee stabilizer” – product visualisation (3D)

This image was for a pitch for a client who designs a wide range of orthopedic products.

The above sketch is all I had as reference, so I started modelling all basic forms in Cinema 4D. This base mesh was then exported to ZBrush where I added the soft forms and more details (like seams). The final render is done in Cinema 4D.

The final image still lacks some of the details from the sketch, but this was enough to present the general idea of 3D visuals. I am now working on a second product for them.

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Watch modelling (3D)

CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL QUALITY. This was my entry for the ”Watch Challenge” over at c4dcafe.com back in november 2008. I used Cinema 4D for all modelling and Maxwell Render for lighting and final output.

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Lazerway product shot (3D/CGI)

Product Visualization. Modelled in Cinema 4D and rendered in Maxwell.

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