Burberry perfumes (3D)

Burberry Baby Touch-100mlBurberry Baby Touch-100ml-Wires

Product visualization for a client. This render and postwork was created for my personal portfolio.

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Lösenordsskyddad: Mustang Sally (CGI)

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Hand study (sculpting in Zbrush)

Sculpted hands ZBRUSH

Sculpting hands

I’ve sculpted these hands from a ”digital clay sphere” in ZBrush for a design project/exhibition together with photographer Niklas Alm. All details like wrinkles and creases were sculpted manually by me. The destroyed surface is because the hands were later supposed to be made of stone.

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Glasswork 3D

An experiment using some ”Xploding” techniques and Dynamics in Cinema 4D. All in all, one evenings 3d work and some hours of postwork today. I should have rendered this using Maxwell instead, that would have made a huge difference to the quality of the glass, but this was just an experiment that ran out of control..


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Nude lady bust (ZBrush/wip)

OK, from interior design to naked women… Hmm… in fact, I was searching for inspiration images for my interior design project when I found one image that had a cool statue in the room. So, I figured – Ah, that’s it, I need a statue!

So… I sculpted this lady bust this weekend. It started off as a free sculpting session. I had no special design in my mind, I used some different photo references for the ears and the face, just for the overall look. The proportions are deliberately off, but I tried to maintain a somewhat realistic anatomy and body structure.

I also did a full retopo of the bust when I was done, using ZBrush’s built-in tools for that. This gave me a much better mesh to work with when laying out UVs for textures. I have polypainted her, but will save that for the final render.

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BABYBJÖRN baby carrier (3D/ZBrush/Cinema 4D)

Product visualisation of the swedish baby carrier BABYBJÖRN. I modelled and sculpted everything in Cinema 4D and ZBrush. All renders are done in Cinema 4D using Advanced Render. (from spring 2012)

Wireframe basemesh and final sculpted version (below).

Sketches made for modelling references.

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The new Volvo 121 Amazon (3D/CGI)

This project started as a modelling excercise. I used Cinema 4D for all modeling and the final render. For the final studio shot I tried to mimic the feel and spirit from the 1960’s adverts when the car was in production.

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Schampoo splash (3D/CGI)

This is a personal project from 2009, inspired by an image I made for a client back then. I modelled the bottle in Cinema 4D and the water was simulated and meshed in Realflow 4 and then imported into Cinema 4D for final rendering. All labels were scanned and prepared as texture maps in Photoshop. The scene is lit with CG lights and rendered using Maxon’s Advanced Render.

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”Hero” Work-in-Progress (Turntable movie/ZBrush)

I sculpted this hero-kind-of-figure in Zbrush the other night. It’s just a rough anatomy study for myself, trying to block in some forms working asymmetry. Since I was just playing around I never bothered to load any reference images in ZBrush, so proportions might be (are) totally off, but that was also kind of the experiment and challenge to me.

I used a ZSphere-rig to pose him. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I kind of like the pose… He’s into some kind of action. 🙂

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