ForsHaken animation demo (wip)

Work in progress. This tool is invented by my father in law and I am helping him with a demo for his marketing material. Modelled and animated in C4D, rendered using Vray and some post in After Effects. I animated everything manually, frame by frame, no rigs were used. There are still some fixes that needs to be done, but I just wanted to show what I am up to right now.

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”Hero” Work-in-Progress (Turntable movie/ZBrush)

I sculpted this hero-kind-of-figure in Zbrush the other night. It’s just a rough anatomy study for myself, trying to block in some forms working asymmetry. Since I was just playing around I never bothered to load any reference images in ZBrush, so proportions might be (are) totally off, but that was also kind of the experiment and challenge to me.

I used a ZSphere-rig to pose him. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I kind of like the pose… He’s into some kind of action. 🙂

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Testing motionblur in Cinema R13

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