Hand study (sculpting in Zbrush)

Sculpted hands ZBRUSH

Sculpting hands

I’ve sculpted these hands from a ”digital clay sphere” in ZBrush for a design project/exhibition together with photographer Niklas Alm. All details like wrinkles and creases were sculpted manually by me. The destroyed surface is because the hands were later supposed to be made of stone.

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Nude lady bust (ZBrush/wip)

OK, from interior design to naked women… Hmm… in fact, I was searching for inspiration images for my interior design project when I found one image that had a cool statue in the room. So, I figured – Ah, that’s it, I need a statue!

So… I sculpted this lady bust this weekend. It started off as a free sculpting session. I had no special design in my mind, I used some different photo references for the ears and the face, just for the overall look. The proportions are deliberately off, but I tried to maintain a somewhat realistic anatomy and body structure.

I also did a full retopo of the bust when I was done, using ZBrush’s built-in tools for that. This gave me a much better mesh to work with when laying out UVs for textures. I have polypainted her, but will save that for the final render.

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”Hero” Work-in-Progress (Turntable movie/ZBrush)

I sculpted this hero-kind-of-figure in Zbrush the other night. It’s just a rough anatomy study for myself, trying to block in some forms working asymmetry. Since I was just playing around I never bothered to load any reference images in ZBrush, so proportions might be (are) totally off, but that was also kind of the experiment and challenge to me.

I used a ZSphere-rig to pose him. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I kind of like the pose… He’s into some kind of action. 🙂

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Sculpted skull (3D/ZBrush)

From left to right you can see my sculpting progress in ZBrush 4 (ZBrush 4R2b today!). I started off by blocking in all the forms using a standard DynaMesh sphere and the basic clay brushes. As references I used my little Anatomytools skull plus some images from one of my anatomy books.

The upper row of teeth were sculpted from the same mesh as the main head while I used a different approach for the bottom jaw and teeth. I created those parts as simple base meshes in Cinema 4D which I refined in Zbrush, jumping back and forth between the apps a couple of times, using GoZ.

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Fat lady (Zbrush/Cinema 4D)

I’ve been playing around with this fat lady in Zbrush, on and off for the last couple of months. This is a posed version I rendered today, just using Cinema’s Advanced Render.

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Welcome home baby!

Yesterday my female anatomy figure arrived from Anatomytools.com. I have also ordered the male version and a little male skull. Those items were backordered though, so I’ll have to wait until august before I get them…

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Anatomy figures for anatomy studies

I am interested in learning more about human anatomy so I’ve ordered these anatomy figures from Ryan Kingslien at Anatomytools.com. I’ve heard that these are THE references to have if you want to study and practice sculpting. Hope they’ll arrive soon. 🙂

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