Chocolate praline (3D/CGI)


Personal evening project, just lying on the sofa with my MacBook.. Found some inspirational candy images that I wanted to try out.. this is what I came up with within a couple of hours playing around in Cinema 4D. It’s not perfect yet, but I have some pretty candy plans for the future, so I’m happy with this result as a start. (mer…)

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Taxi Driver (3D/CGI)


A NY taxi that I created for the cover image for a popular swedish TV-show called ”Welcome to Sweden”. The photos were shot by photographer Linus Hallsenius and I camera matched the cab with his photos and rendered and postworked the car for the final comp. Used Vray for rendering.

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Absolut Still Life (3D/CGI)

Still Life bottles

Modelled and rendered using Cinema 4D and Vray. Just some small edits made in Photoshop, mainly color corrections.

ABSOLUT_STILL Still Life bottles wireframe

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New print campaign on town! (3D/CGI)

This morning I was happy to see the latest campaign I’ve been working on, printed all over Stockholm. I have done all five images during a three weeks period, including all 3D, lighting, rendering and retouch. All coffee mugs and drinks are 3D renders, while the bananas and cinnamon buns are shot in our studio.

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