Heavy Weight (3D)


Playing around in the new release of VrayForC4D. Modelled some weights and had some fun with materials, lighting and Photoshop.

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Evan Williams Product Visualization (3D/CGI)


I’m a Beta tester for Lightmap HDR Light Studio for Cinema 4D and this image was created during a lighting workshop I had the other night. I modeled and rendered everything in C4D, including the water effects.

It was never planned to become a final visual, that’s why the bottle is empty and the actual model isn’t really a Evan Williams bottle. Made some postwork in Photoshop to add some aging look to the image.


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Interior visualization (Commercial work)


Visuals of five new Townhouses downtown Stockholm. The images were used to sell the houses while they were still being built.

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Land Rover (3D/CGI)


Car workshop. I’ve done most of the CGI work in this image, from matching the 3D car with the photo, creating shaders, lighting and rendering using Maxwell Render. I modelled the kayak on the roof, reshaped the tires in Zbrush and retopologized and added lots of details on the car. I also took care of the final retouch of the image.

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BABYBJÖRN baby carrier (3D/ZBrush/Cinema 4D)

Product visualisation of the swedish baby carrier BABYBJÖRN. I modelled and sculpted everything in Cinema 4D and ZBrush. All renders are done in Cinema 4D using Advanced Render. (from spring 2012)

Wireframe basemesh and final sculpted version (below).

Sketches made for modelling references.

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The new Volvo 121 Amazon (3D/CGI)

This project started as a modelling excercise. I used Cinema 4D for all modeling and the final render. For the final studio shot I tried to mimic the feel and spirit from the 1960’s adverts when the car was in production.

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Milk cow (3D/CGI)

We got a request at work today to create a ”Dala cow” (instead of the famous swedish ”Dala horse”) for our client Arla. I wanted to try this, so when my kids were a sleep I fired up Cinema 4D and started modelling. Time ran really fast and in just a couple of hours I was pretty much done with it. I created the ”Arla Dala cow” using Cinema 4D, a 2D-logo as reference and polypainting in ZBrush. The piece of wood was also created in ZBrush. The backimage is a scenery from Dalarna that I found on Google. Hope you like!

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”Knee stabilizer” – product visualisation (3D)

This image was for a pitch for a client who designs a wide range of orthopedic products.

The above sketch is all I had as reference, so I started modelling all basic forms in Cinema 4D. This base mesh was then exported to ZBrush where I added the soft forms and more details (like seams). The final render is done in Cinema 4D.

The final image still lacks some of the details from the sketch, but this was enough to present the general idea of 3D visuals. I am now working on a second product for them.

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Long time no see (3D)

Bowl and Spoon

Finally I got some time off for personal projects again. I’ve just installed Cinema R13 Studio, which just has been released, and it’s filled with new features.

For this image I wanted to try a photographic lighting setup and render it using Cinema 4D’s Advanced Render. I started off by using a photo reference that I liked for inspiration. The bowl and spoon was first modelled and UV’d in Cinema R13. I then created some grunge textures and reflection maps in Photoshop for the table, bowl and spoon.

Back in Cinema again I started to experiment with lighting and the new ’Physical renderer’. It renders really nice, but I wanted this image as a 30×30 cm print, so I chose to use the old Global Illumination instead. It was much faster… probably because I haven’t had time to experiment with all the new settings though.

I rendered everything as Multipasses so that I could put the image together in Photoshop CS5, where I also added some torned edges, for the old look… My first ”draft” was done during a one late night, but I then continued tweaking the image for a couple of nights more. This is what I came up with.

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