King Frog (wip)

This is the work in progress of my ”King Frog”. He’s not a king yet, but I had some ideas of him being a king in some fun environment… don’t know, but that’s his name for now. 🙂 I made a quick base mesh in Cinema 4D and then I have focused on sculpting and texture painting in Zbrush so far. I will probably go back and lower the intensity here and there, some details look a bit rough right now…

2 February, 2011
I haven’t had much time for this frog lately, so the king part of him will have to wait… This is a test pose i did using a ZSphere rig and Transpose Master in Zbrush 4. I also painted some masks for his ”toes” using Bodypaint and then played around with some Sub-surface scattering.

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