”Knights armor” – 4 hours of modelling/lighting (3D)

We got a request at work to model a knights armor for a car ad (!) and we discussed how much time we needed for that project. Later that night I wanted to try what I could come up with by spending a couple of hours in Cinema 4D. I used a basemesh (actually a WIP of my Bruce Lee model) as a doll to model the armor around. This is what I came up with in 4 hours, then I had to go and sleep… (including shaders and lighting, animation render and play in After Effects excluded)

This was just a personal test, so I am not planning to spend any more time on this. 🙂

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Dajm chocolate bar (3D)

(click the image to see the movie)

I sculpted this Dajm chocolate bar in Zbrush 4. Some parts of the movie was animated and rendered directly in ZBrush while I used Cinema 4D to animate and render the wireframe. I’m just learning my way around in After Effects also, so I took the opportunity and had some fun with some audio also. Nothing serious! 🙂

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