Captain America shield (3D)

Posted on 24. Okt, 2012 by

Personal project. After seeing the Avengers I got inspired to model Captain America’s shield. I used Cinema 4D for modeling and rendering and the ice was sculpted in ZBrush 4. The ice rendered for 26 hours, which felt insane, but I liked the look of it and I needed a break anyways, so I just left it rendering… The city was added in post.

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BABYBJÖRN baby carrier (3D/ZBrush/Cinema 4D)

Posted on 01. Okt, 2012 by

Product visualisation of the swedish baby carrier BABYBJÖRN. I modelled and sculpted everything in Cinema 4D and ZBrush. All renders are done in Cinema 4D using Advanced Render. (from spring 2012)

Wireframe basemesh and final sculpted version (below).

Sketches made for modelling references.

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Just having some fun.

Posted on 29. Sep, 2012 by

This is just a quick experiment from last night. Rendered in Vray.

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Budweiser splash! (3D)

Posted on 20. Sep, 2012 by

I made this fake beer ad as a personal project. The bottle was modelled in Cinema 4D and the splash was simulated in Realflow. The splash mesh was then imported back into Cinema 4D where I comped everything together and made the final adjustments.

The Budweiser label was scanned and all different colours and materials were separated to alphas in Photoshop. These textures are available for download xxxx. I lit the scene and used Maxwell Render for the final output.

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Lab cosmetics VrayForC4D (3D)

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by

A pitch idea for a client within the cosmetic industry. Modelled in Cinema 4D and rendered with depth of field using VrayForC4D.

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HDR photography

Posted on 09. Sep, 2012 by

This panorama was shot by the lake close to where I live. I used my Nodal Ninja 4/RD16 panoramic head, Canon EOS 60D with Magic Lantern installed and a Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens. (mer…)

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Playing around with sculpting and Vray (3D)

Posted on 09. Sep, 2012 by

I made this sigill as a quick experiment using Zbrush and Vray in Cinema 4D.

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New Zbrush book!

Posted on 18. Aug, 2012 by

Just received the new ZBrush book written by Paul Gaboury. I got interested when the cover image showed something else than just monsters (I have those books already). Haven’t read it all yet, but this book teaches lots of ”hidden” techniques and it focuses more on other stuff like detailing, clothing, materials, rendering etc.


The new Volvo 121 Amazon (3D/CGI)

Posted on 18. Aug, 2012 by

This project started as a modelling excercise. I used Cinema 4D for all modeling and the final render. For the final studio shot I tried to mimic the feel and spirit from the 1960’s adverts when the car was in production.

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New print campaign on town! (3D/CGI)

Posted on 17. Aug, 2012 by

This morning I was happy to see the latest campaign I’ve been working on, printed all over Stockholm. I have done all five images during a three weeks period, including all 3D, lighting, rendering and retouch. All coffee mugs and drinks are 3D renders, while the bananas and cinnamon buns are shot in our studio.

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Train(ing) some modelling… :)

Posted on 16. Aug, 2012 by

Work in progress. Modelled in one day and this render was done using Cinema 4D. The final model was later used in a still image for a client of the company I work for, but not in this very state.

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Gustavsberg porcelain (3D)

Posted on 12. Aug, 2012 by

I made this serie of images as a personal project, inspired by all the magazines I searched inspiration from while we built our new bathroom at home. Gustavsberg is Sweden’s last remaining porcelain producer, probably most known for their toilettes, but also for their very popular ornamental ware.

Everything is modelled in Cinema 4D. The tap is rendered using Cinema’s Advanced Render while the other two images are rendered using Maxwell Render.

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iPad test (3D/CGI)

Posted on 09. Aug, 2012 by

Quick modelling and lighting exercise in Cinema 4D. This was kind of made on the fly, so I didn’t use any references for proportions and stuff.

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Schampoo splash (3D/CGI)

Posted on 29. Jul, 2012 by

This is a personal project from 2009, inspired by an image I made for a client back then. I modelled the bottle in Cinema 4D and the water was simulated and meshed in Realflow 4 and then imported into Cinema 4D for final rendering. All labels were scanned and prepared as texture maps in Photoshop. The scene is lit with CG lights and rendered using Maxon’s Advanced Render.

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Just a rope (Cinema 4D/ReeperX)

Posted on 27. Jun, 2012 by

I made this using Cinema 4D with a plugin called ReeperX. I made some tests before figuring out how to make all splines twist the way I wanted them to. When the mesh was finished I used a Spline Wrap deformer to give the rope some wavy shape. I also added some short Hair before I rendered it using Advanced Render 3 and GI.

Programs used: Cinema 4D R12 / Photoshop

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Worldwide advertising campaign (retouch)

Posted on 01. Jun, 2012 by

I made this series of images for a past retouching studio I worked for. The campaign was used worldwide so I had to change language for each country that used them. The coolest ads I did was the one for Russia and one for Japan. Both used their own special letters and characters, which made it pretty tricky to do a perfect layout in the beginning.

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Longing for summer! (3D/CGI)

Posted on 23. Maj, 2012 by

I was just recently working a lot with ice creams in a project at work and this inspired me to continue playing with ice cream at home. I created the base mesh from scratch in an hour or two and I then continued adding more details to it using both Zbrush and in Cinema 4D.

The ice cream cone or waffle was created in Zbrush using some custom alphas that I created on the run and the actual ice cream was sculpted very freely using the clay brush. I added Subsurface Scattering to the ice cream shader to get the milky, translucent feel and everything was then rendered in Multipasses using Maxon Advanced Render. The background was created in Photoshop in post.

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Posted on 04. Apr, 2012 by

Having some fun with Hair in Cinema 4D R12. Rendered with Advanced Render.

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Ads on town.

Posted on 24. Mar, 2012 by

Some campaigns that I have been working on. I’ve done all the CGI and retouching of these images.


My new Home Studio

Posted on 12. Mar, 2012 by

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Milk cow (3D/CGI)

Posted on 08. Mar, 2012 by

We got a request at work today to create a ”Dala cow” (instead of the famous swedish ”Dala horse”) for our client Arla. I wanted to try this, so when my kids were a sleep I fired up Cinema 4D and started modelling. Time ran really fast and in just a couple of hours I was pretty much done with it. I created the ”Arla Dala cow” using Cinema 4D, a 2D-logo as reference and polypainting in ZBrush. The piece of wood was also created in ZBrush. The backimage is a scenery from Dalarna that I found on Google. Hope you like!

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Images published on ”Ads of The World”

Posted on 10. Feb, 2012 by

The company I work for just had four of my images published on ”Ads of The World”. These images were used in a campaign for a swedish magazine store. I modelled and textured everything in Cinema 4D and the final magazines were then rendered in Mawell Render. (All credits are printed in the images)

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”Knee stabilizer” – product visualisation (3D)

Posted on 06. Feb, 2012 by

This image was for a pitch for a client who designs a wide range of orthopedic products.

The above sketch is all I had as reference, so I started modelling all basic forms in Cinema 4D. This base mesh was then exported to ZBrush where I added the soft forms and more details (like seams). The final render is done in Cinema 4D.

The final image still lacks some of the details from the sketch, but this was enough to present the general idea of 3D visuals. I am now working on a second product for them.

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”Hero” Work-in-Progress (Turntable movie/ZBrush)

Posted on 03. Feb, 2012 by

I sculpted this hero-kind-of-figure in Zbrush the other night. It’s just a rough anatomy study for myself, trying to block in some forms working asymmetry. Since I was just playing around I never bothered to load any reference images in ZBrush, so proportions might be (are) totally off, but that was also kind of the experiment and challenge to me.

I used a ZSphere-rig to pose him. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I kind of like the pose… He’s into some kind of action. 🙂

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Sculpted skull (3D/ZBrush)

Posted on 25. Jan, 2012 by

From left to right you can see my sculpting progress in ZBrush 4 (ZBrush 4R2b today!). I started off by blocking in all the forms using a standard DynaMesh sphere and the basic clay brushes. As references I used my little Anatomytools skull plus some images from one of my anatomy books.

The upper row of teeth were sculpted from the same mesh as the main head while I used a different approach for the bottom jaw and teeth. I created those parts as simple base meshes in Cinema 4D which I refined in Zbrush, jumping back and forth between the apps a couple of times, using GoZ.

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Testing motionblur in Cinema R13

Posted on 15. Nov, 2011 by

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Water steps (3D)

Posted on 05. Okt, 2011 by

Inspired by some image I found when searching the web. This is a new render of my old ”water steps” image. I’ve changed the lighting to a HDR gradient plane and I think it made this image look more vivid when it comes to overall lighting, caustics and the smooth reflections.

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Long time no see (3D)

Posted on 14. Sep, 2011 by

Bowl and Spoon

Finally I got some time off for personal projects again. I’ve just installed Cinema R13 Studio, which just has been released, and it’s filled with new features.

For this image I wanted to try a photographic lighting setup and render it using Cinema 4D’s Advanced Render. I started off by using a photo reference that I liked for inspiration. The bowl and spoon was first modelled and UV’d in Cinema R13. I then created some grunge textures and reflection maps in Photoshop for the table, bowl and spoon.

Back in Cinema again I started to experiment with lighting and the new ‘Physical renderer’. It renders really nice, but I wanted this image as a 30×30 cm print, so I chose to use the old Global Illumination instead. It was much faster… probably because I haven’t had time to experiment with all the new settings though.

I rendered everything as Multipasses so that I could put the image together in Photoshop CS5, where I also added some torned edges, for the old look… My first ”draft” was done during a one late night, but I then continued tweaking the image for a couple of nights more. This is what I came up with.

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Sennheizer HD-25, 1 hour modelling (3D)

Posted on 22. Jun, 2011 by

Late night modelling exercise. I made these Sennhezier HD-25 earphones in one hour including lighting and rendering.

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Watch modelling (3D)

Posted on 21. Jun, 2011 by

CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL QUALITY. This was my entry for the ”Watch Challenge” over at back in november 2008. I used Cinema 4D for all modelling and Maxwell Render for lighting and final output.

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