BMW 330 ”The desert chase” (photo & retouch)

This is a personal photo and retouch project that I did back in 2005. At that time I was working in one of the bigger retouch studios in Stockholm and car retouch was one of my main jobs.

I was really inspired to try and photograph a car myself, so one weekend I brought a friend with me to a suburb south of Stockholm and we found this small closed road that would do fine for the photoshoot. I had some ideas for the final image and the concept was simple, but I needed to capture one sharp photo of the car in motion (which I would later retouch the crap out of :)). I used real film (I didn’t own a digital SLR camera then), so there was no room for any mistakes.

I photographed my friend in his BMW from the window of my Mini Cooper. We drove slowly, about 15-20 km/h, but that was enough to capture the motion and sense of speed in the scene. The desert and mountains in the background were created from several other photos and the helicopter I found on Google. I thought that it would add to the feeling of a chase!

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