Rigid Body simulation and retouch work

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This is a re-take of an old project from 2009 I did for a construction company together with Tommie Nordholm (APDF). Photographer was Lovisa Engblom. Same project, but I did a new retouch of the final image to make it look much more interesting. I really enjoy the animation of the dummy worker falling off the floor.. the stones were simulated in Realflow and I rendered it using Maxwell Render.

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Armchair test render in Vray

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Working on some interiors for a client and started to play with some lighting and rendering in Vray. Model from Evermotion, everything else is by me.

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Probably the Best Render You Can Get.

Posted on 21. Dec, 2015 by

A brand new model of a beer bottle. Played around creating some backdrop FX in post, but the white render is almost untouched. Modeled in Cinema 4D and this time it’s rendered in Keyshot.



Sketch for my new office (3D viz)

Posted on 06. aug, 2015 by


I made this arch viz as a sketch for myself and my carpenters when they were rebuilding my attic this summer. This attic was earlier only a cold space used for storage, but now it has become my new studio for Good Monday.


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”Chocolate Praline” – Sculpting and simulating paper foil (3D)

Posted on 30. jun, 2015 by

Simulated the foiled Chocolate Praline in Marvelous Designer and finished the fine details in ZBrush. Personally I’m really impressed by how far Marvelous Designer could be used to simulate the base mesh. I just needed to pinch some details and sculpt some extra folds and creases to make the foil appear a little more stiff and ”cracked” in some places. Rendered in Vray.


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Beer Bottle with Water Droplets (CGI)

Posted on 01. apr, 2015 by


Full CGI bottle modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D using Vray.


Bee CGI (wip)

Posted on 15. feb, 2015 by


Personal project. I created this bee in ZBrush 4R7, as a sculpting exercise. This is a first test, rendered in Cinema 4D. Still working on it, adding some fun poses and more details to it. I believe it will be a wasp when I’m done with it, changed my mind, so I will re-paint the textures and change some other details also. I think I’ll keep this final look though, with the background and color theme..

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Mini Cooper CGI

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Personal project. I’m a BETA tester of a new CGI lighting software, so this Mini Cooper is my first ”BETA project”. I rendered the car and all the buildings in Cinema 4D and then I had some fun in post building the landscape and adding some other details. This was all done in about one day.


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Chocolate praline (3D/CGI)

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Personal evening project, just lying on the sofa with my MacBook.. Found some inspirational candy images that I wanted to try out.. this is what I came up with within a couple of hours playing around in Cinema 4D. It’s not perfect yet, but I have some pretty candy plans for the future, so I’m happy with this result as a start. (mer…)

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Interior Visualization (3D/CGI)

Posted on 25. sep, 2014 by


I just finished these interiors for an architect. I modelled the complete interiors including furnitures and details such as the shower mixer, the sofa, towel warmer based on references provided by the client. Everything is rendered using Cinema 4D R16.


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Coca-Cola Classic Bottle (CGI)

Posted on 22. sep, 2014 by


This is a first tryout for a personal project I’m starting, using the newly released Cinema 4D R16. I modelled the Coca-Cola bottle and cap and created some materials, playing around with many of the new features in the ’Reflectance channel’. Below is the wireframe render of the bottle. Looking forwards to start with the real project..


Green Beret (Zbrush wip)

Posted on 21. apr, 2014 by


This is a sculpt I did some years ago that I found in my folders. It’s sculpted in Zbrush, started from a DynaSphere. The hair style was inspired from some soccer or basketball player, don’t remember who. This is a work-in-progress, or was-in-progress, since I believe I won’t have time to continue working on it.. new times, new goals!

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Burberry perfumes (3D)

Posted on 01. mar, 2014 by

Burberry Baby Touch-100mlBurberry Baby Touch-100ml-Wires

Product visualization for a client. This render and postwork was created for my personal portfolio.

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The Good Monday Tree

Posted on 21. feb, 2014 by


Personal test project. Modeled the tree in ZBrush and played around with grass and Hair in Cinema 4D.

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Heavy Weight (3D)

Posted on 17. jan, 2014 by


Playing around in the new release of VrayForC4D. Modelled some weights and had some fun with materials, lighting and Photoshop.

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Milky render (CGI)

Posted on 03. Dec, 2013 by

Milk render

Testing to render some milk in Cinema 4D.

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Evan Williams Product Visualization (3D/CGI)

Posted on 08. Nov, 2013 by


I’m a Beta tester for Lightmap HDR Light Studio for Cinema 4D and this image was created during a lighting workshop I had the other night. I modeled and rendered everything in C4D, including the water effects.

It was never planned to become a final visual, that’s why the bottle is empty and the actual model isn’t really a Evan Williams bottle. Made some postwork in Photoshop to add some aging look to the image.


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Taxi Driver (3D/CGI)

Posted on 08. okt, 2013 by


A NY taxi that I created for the cover image for a popular swedish TV-show called ”Welcome to Sweden”. The photos were shot by photographer Linus Hallsenius and I camera matched the cab with his photos and rendered and postworked the car for the final comp. Used Vray for rendering.

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Lösenordsskyddad: Mustang Sally (CGI)

Posted on 02. aug, 2013 by

Det här innehållet är lösenordsskyddat. Vänligen ange ditt lösenord nedan för att visa innehåll:

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Interior visualization (Commercial work)

Posted on 02. maj, 2013 by


Visuals of five new Townhouses downtown Stockholm. The images were used to sell the houses while they were still being built.

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Hand study (sculpting in Zbrush)

Posted on 26. apr, 2013 by

Sculpted hands ZBRUSH

Sculpting hands

I’ve sculpted these hands from a ”digital clay sphere” in ZBrush for a design project/exhibition together with photographer Niklas Alm. All details like wrinkles and creases were sculpted manually by me. The destroyed surface is because the hands were later supposed to be made of stone.

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Absolut Still Life (3D/CGI)

Posted on 05. mar, 2013 by

Still Life bottles

Modelled and rendered using Cinema 4D and Vray. Just some small edits made in Photoshop, mainly color corrections.

ABSOLUT_STILL Still Life bottles wireframe

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Riksbyggen (commercial work)

Posted on 26. jan, 2013 by


Commercial retouch. I created this image for swedish Riksbyggen’s ad campaign this winter. Lots of different photographs were mixed and blended together to create this fairytale fantasy world. Photographer: Niklas Alm

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Land Rover (3D/CGI)

Posted on 25. jan, 2013 by


Car workshop. I’ve done most of the CGI work in this image, from matching the 3D car with the photo, creating shaders, lighting and rendering using Maxwell Render. I modelled the kayak on the roof, reshaped the tires in Zbrush and retopologized and added lots of details on the car. I also took care of the final retouch of the image.

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Posted on 24. jan, 2013 by

Glasswork 3D

An experiment using some ”Xploding” techniques and Dynamics in Cinema 4D. All in all, one evenings 3d work and some hours of postwork today. I should have rendered this using Maxwell instead, that would have made a huge difference to the quality of the glass, but this was just an experiment that ran out of control..


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Winter HDR shoot!

Posted on 21. jan, 2013 by

Sea Snow Track panorama

This weekend I was out shooting some 32-bit panoramas for my HDR-library. It was blistering cold and the lake was frozen so I went out in the middle of it and shot this one. I might publish some HDR’s for download here later.

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Kitchen (3D wip)

Posted on 30. Dec, 2012 by

A kitchen I modelled in Cinema 4D. Testing interior lighting using Vray.

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Gold design (wip)

Posted on 12. Dec, 2012 by


This is a first draft as a test for a friend working on something for someone… I drew the design in Illustrator and imported it into Cinema for the 3D work. Vray was used for rendering and some post was done in Photoshop. Finished to this state in one day.

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ForsHaken animation demo (wip)

Posted on 01. Dec, 2012 by

Work in progress. This tool is invented by my father in law and I am helping him with a demo for his marketing material. Modelled and animated in C4D, rendered using Vray and some post in After Effects. I animated everything manually, frame by frame, no rigs were used. There are still some fixes that needs to be done, but I just wanted to show what I am up to right now.

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Nude lady bust (ZBrush/wip)

Posted on 26. Nov, 2012 by

OK, from interior design to naked women… Hmm… in fact, I was searching for inspiration images for my interior design project when I found one image that had a cool statue in the room. So, I figured – Ah, that’s it, I need a statue!

So… I sculpted this lady bust this weekend. It started off as a free sculpting session. I had no special design in my mind, I used some different photo references for the ears and the face, just for the overall look. The proportions are deliberately off, but I tried to maintain a somewhat realistic anatomy and body structure.

I also did a full retopo of the bust when I was done, using ZBrush’s built-in tools for that. This gave me a much better mesh to work with when laying out UVs for textures. I have polypainted her, but will save that for the final render.

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